A full engine remap alters the fuel, boost and torque characteristics of the engine. By controlling the fuel pressure, injected fuel quantity, maximum permissible visible smoke limit, boost pressure from the turbocharger and the torque characteristic.

The Mechanic offers a fully controllable change to the engine characteristics, whilst still operating with full engine feedback control and within all the preset engine sensor limits.

The file will be processed by The Mechanic technicians as quickly as possible, depending on the type of request and the execution complexity.

Normally the average time for the Tuning File processing is about (TBA) working hours.

No, because car manufacturers usually make the engines with a little “extra power”, which is exploited by
The Mechanic

Since the ECU chip enables itself only when you require more power (e.g.: in the acceleration phase), all the working parts of the engine such as clutch, gearbox and brakes wear normally, and all security features of the engine always stay untouched. However, we recommend a regular maintenance in order to maintain your vehicle in good condition.

Our long experience in the field has constantly shown that you can have lower fuel consumption and increased torque at the same time.

Our customers across Europe and in the Middle East are very satisfied and keep telling us about good fuel savings while maintaining the same driving style.

Our process enhances the power of the engine within safe limits and not beyond them, which will result in fewer gear changes.

Chip Tuning can often be used on other vehicles but it is almost always the case that it will need to be re-programmed with new engine specific software and for the correct engine variant, this is to ensure safe operation and maximum power gains. Also, you will likely need a new connection harness for the new engine type.

So you can buy expensive cars … well that is one reason and the other one is that manufacturers generally sell one vehicle that covers various markets (different climates, different tax and emission regulations, different fuel quantities, different operating altitudes, etc.) and they need to take into consideration all these factors and make substantial compromises in the vehicle operation.

The method in which we perform the remap engine tuning upgrade will remain undetectable by the dealer from your standard diagnostic scan & service.

Of course if your dealer was to compare actual telemetry/settings then they could in theory detect a difference in the file.

Under normal scrutiny and down to the way we install/write/develop our files we go as far as possible to keep the remap invisible!