The Mechanic says when it’s Faster it is Sexier

Professional installation of Italian developed and manufactured add-on unit for turbo engines. The Mechanic ChipBox manages multiple aspects of the engine controls, such as turbo pressure, the amount of fuel input, and the ignition timing. The unit is programmed especially for your vehicle and includes a compatible cable harness. The ChipBox ensures a remarkable increase of Torque and Horsepower (Up to 30%) and decrease in fuel consumption (Roughly by 10%). 3 year manufacturer warranty included

As a driving enthusiast, you do not need or want such restrictions placed upon your vehicles ECU and its performance therefore you can benefit from the hidden power and torque locked away within your engine management system.

ChipBox will be directly shipped and warranted by the manufacturer Different packages are offered for multiple installation and removal depending on vehicle’s validity of warranty and service contracts